Adding GLSL shader as skymap

I have a shader which I am trying to figure out how to load into UE4 and apply it to the skybox object.

I read through the documentation and it talks about HLSL shader importer (which I also had a hard time following due to not specifying how to apply it to an object)

The shader I am trying to import is

// Star Nest by Pablo Román Andrioli

// This content is under the MIT License.

#define iterations 17
#define formuparam 0.53

#define volsteps 20
#define stepsize 0.1

#define zoom   0.800
#define tile   0.850
#define speed  0.010 

#define brightness 0.0015
#define darkmatter 0.300
#define distfading 0.730
#define saturation 0.850

void mainImage( out vec4 fragColor, in vec2 fragCoord )
	//get coords and direction
	vec2 uv=fragCoord.xy/iResolution.xy-.5;
	vec3 dir=vec3(uv*zoom,1.);
	float time=iGlobalTime*speed+.25;

	//mouse rotation
	float a1=.5+iMouse.x/iResolution.x*2.;
	float a2=.8+iMouse.y/iResolution.y*2.;
	mat2 rot1=mat2(cos(a1),sin(a1),-sin(a1),cos(a1));
	mat2 rot2=mat2(cos(a2),sin(a2),-sin(a2),cos(a2));
	vec3 from=vec3(1.,.5,0.5);
	//volumetric rendering
	float s=0.1,fade=1.;
	vec3 v=vec3(0.);
	for (int r=0; r<volsteps; r++) {
		vec3 p=from+s*dir*.5;
		p = abs(vec3(tile)-mod(p,vec3(tile*2.))); // tiling fold
		float pa,a=pa=0.;
		for (int i=0; i<iterations; i++) { 
			p=abs(p)/dot(p,p)-formuparam; // the magic formula
			a+=abs(length(p)-pa); // absolute sum of average change
		float dm=max(0.,darkmatter-a*a*.001); //dark matter
		a*=a*a; // add contrast
		if (r>6) fade*=1.-dm; // dark matter, don't render near
		v+=vec3(s,s*s,s*s*s*s)*a*brightness*fade; // coloring based on distance
		fade*=distfading; // distance fading
	v=mix(vec3(length(v)),v,saturation); //color adjust
	fragColor = vec4(v*.01,1.);	

If anyone can point me in the right direction i would greatly appreciate it.

You can’t directly copy a shader from shadertoy and expect it to work in unreal. For example the way mouse movement is handled here wouldn’t work in unreal, even if the rest of the code would.

To get it to work you have to either translate the core concepts to hlsl or material nodes.

Also I noticed that you removed the comment with the license information, which is not very nice.