Adding GeometryCache track to LevelSequence

Hi, I’m trying to add a GeometryCache track to a LevelSequence, but I’m failing on the MovieSceneGeometryCacheParams.

As far as I understand I’m supposed to set the GeometryCache property to the cache, but I get errors when trying to do that.

When trying to do: params.set_editor_property(“GeometryCache”, cache)
I get this error: Error: Exception: MovieSceneGeometryCacheParams: Property ‘GeometryCache’ for attribute ‘GeometryCache’ on ‘MovieSceneGeometryCacheParams’ is protected and cannot be set

If I try: params.geometry_cache_asset = cache
I get this: Error: AttributeError: ‘MovieSceneGeometryCacheParams’ object has no attribute ‘geometry_cache_asset’

If I ignore this attribute completely I the section says “No GeometryCache” on it but I can still scrub through and see the cache animation.

I’m quite new to both Unreal and Python scripting in it, so I’m just trying to take what I saw here and modify it for GeometryCache.


same problem here!