Adding foam and interaction with the player in the new 4.26 water system

I’ve managed to make the ocean actor work in my scene, but I cannot find any information on how to make it interact with the player and on how to add the beautiful foam that is visibile in the **4.26 Water And Volumetrics Preview video. **Any hint about that?
The video I’m referring to is this 4.26 Water And Volumetrics Preview | Inside Unreal - YouTube

I don’t think there is anything released together for that.

Water interaction is probably the same as always.
a scenecapture2d creates a render target to use within the material.
The flow and other systems likely use vector fields so you should create the system to capture very much the same way.

Alternatively, without a capture you can move a vectorfield map around at the player location. This will shift the water about, but it won’t act like a water simulation unless you cycle or change the image you placed. Possibly the sprite system could be used to do so.

Personally I believe the upper ~ 4ms cost of a scene capture 2d rendering out custom vectorfield niagara particles is a lot better overall… particularly result wise.
The other method is more apt for boats or large items.