Adding External Dependencies

I am trying a make a third person shooter. I am working with Unreal Engine 4.4.3. I am using the ShooterGame as a sort of type to see how they did things. I started my game off with the third person template and just started adding things from there.

I have run into several instances where the ShooterGame is referencing an external dependency that is not found in my external dependencies. Is there a way for me to add these external dependencies to my project?


I would appreciate any knowledge on this topic!

Okay it took a while but I answered my own question. So if anyone else runs into this problem this is how it goes:

If you started building you game from a template. IntelliSense actually populated the folder “External Dependencies” We have no control over that folder, it can actually be disabled from the UI.

So if there is an external dependency you want to use and it isn’t included in your project simple type:

#include "GameFramework/<any external dependency file name>.h"

now you can call and use that class to your hearts content

You probably need to edit your build file. In your MyGame.Build.cs you’ll want it to edit public dependency module names:

    new string[] {

Also the file path for these external dependencies are all different. Make sure that you are indeed using the correct path.

This doesn’t seem to work for me. I’m doing the same as you, except I’m trying to get Online.h and OnlineLeaderboardInterface.h

Have you attempted to use either of those yet? Specifically from ShooterGameSession.h and ShooterLeaderboards.h

Where exactly is the *.Build.cs file located? (Using 4.11.1)

I probably need a C++ based UE project …