adding displacement feature to material - mesh starts flickering

So, Ive basically followed a couple of tutorials about adding a displacement map and I created my own material but my end result was a flickering shader.

I’ve decided to try and break down the problem so i replaced the material and tried a default one from a starter content pack. It worked fine. After swapping out the maps individually, I found out that when i left my height map in the slot the flickering started again. So i said okay, then there’s something wrong with the height map in general and not the entire material. One thing i realised is that the flickering is happening from certain camera angles only. The camera angles differ every time i restart the editor so there is no exact angle.

  • tried enabling forward shading. nothing
  • copied the same exact settings of my displacement map texture to that of the starter content one. nothing
  • tried changing mipmap values maybe it was something to do with that. nothing
  • tried removing the specular node from the materiel, maybe it had something to do with that. nothing

Screen capture - 6a48b749a6d6d9a38a254c38ff11659c - Gyazo - here are a couple of gifs of what it looks like

I’ve been researching about this for a while now and no one seems to have an answer or a reason as to why this happens.

Any help would truly be appreciated. Thanks

FIX: increase bounds of mesh! and adjust displacement amount accordingly!