Adding custom render passes

Not sure if I’m posting to the right section, so please forgive me if this is in the wrong forum thread. I’m doing some R&D on new features, and would like to insert my own rendering pass somewhere in Unreal’s frame. I can’t find any documentation relating on how to do this, and am wondering if it’s even possible.

As an example of what I’d like to do (simple scenario), let’s say I have a bunch of custom quads I want to draw. I’d like to slot my own rendering pass in after post processing (but before UI) where I can manually render all of my items. Either through direct API calls (DX11/OpengGL/Whatever) or through Unreal’s API wrapped functions (assuming all functionality needed is there). For each item, I just need to issue the quad to draw (dynamic vertices with positions and uvs), set textures/shaders, and kick off a draw call. Similarly, can I call any sort of compute interface to do other custom work in said pass?

If anybody could point me to information or sample code, I’d be really grateful.



Yeah here, this should go over how to enable console commands that allow you to mess with shaders. That’s what it seems like you’ll need here.

Thanks for the info! Not exactly what I was looking for, but I can probably achieve what I want with this.


Yeah that’s probably because I’m not sure you can hit all the marks you wanted, but that’s the best way to manipulate the process.

Edit: also Unreal uses DX11, just figured I’d let you know

Cool, thanks. I’ve worked with Unreal before (albeit version 3) and from a much lower level side, but it seems they’ve exposed far less in 4. Do you know if there’s an email I can use to contact Epic devs directly? Or do they not publish that?

Thanks again for the help, very appreciated!

I would imagine it to be like or something? I honestly don’t know, most of my epic related interactions occur on twitter tbh.