Adding Collision to Mesh Problem


I made this Maze level mesh in Blender 3D, but when I import it to UE4, It puts 1 single collision box around the entire level (therefore treating it as one huge object which I can’t enter or walk around in.

I want to add collision to all the individual walls and the floor in the maze, not just one giant cube around the whole level.

Does anyone know how I can add collision to all the walls separately, even if I have to do it by hand one at a time, I will take the time to do it.

Is it even possible?

Thank you for your help!


Take a look at this video: :slight_smile:

Hey Jheller1,

For your collision on your maze, import it into your project as a static mesh. Then double click the mesh and within the setting where it says “Collision” and “Default.” Change the option to “Use complex collision as simple.” This will create collision based on each poly of your mesh.

Here is an image as reference:

Thank you,

Thank you soo much!!! That works! I can finally use my level!!! ^.^