Adding a textured moon to a SkySphere

I’m trying to add a moon to my SkySphere, and by following a tutorial I managed to get this set up:

Which I later tried to modify like so:

in hopes of adding some texture to the moon. Unfortunately, the overlayed texture holds to absolute world position, and doesn’t travel with the moon.

I tried another method, I added a spring arm with a textured sphere to my world and was moving it just like I was moving the moon DirectionalLight. It worked, quite well might I add. Unfortunately, in such a setup, making the moon be overlayed by clouds is impossible, without maybe using a second sphere with a translucent clouds material that would be smaller than SkySphere. That would allow the moon mesh to be between the SkySphere itself and a separate clouds layer.
That, however, means a translucent mesh spanning an entire sky. Which, correct me if I’m wrong, would kill the performance.

I’d be grateful for any help. I’ve been googling for tutorials so far I found a tutorial where someone uses global time dilation to change how fast the clouds move.

Did you ever have any luck with this? I have been trying to find a solution for adding a moon as well…you would think such a thing would have already been handled by Epic. I mean if you going to add a sun then add a moon too yes?

I could solve this problem and it is possible to add a moon with a texture. I made a little video to show the process.

That seems to be precisely what I’ve been looking for, thank you!