Adding a PostProcess Component to a StaticMeshComponent

I currently have a StaticMeshActor with a Post Process Component.

I add a blendable asset with my desired material to the StaticMeshActor at runtime, and my material successfully renders.

Now I want to move that same material to a Static Mesh Component of that same StaticMeshActor.

This is my actor structure:

- StaticMeshActor
  - Static Mesh Component
    - Post Process Component

The result I get is an invisible Static Mesh Component and the material is still applied to the StaticMeshActor.

How can I get the material to apply to the Static Mesh Component only?

can you detail the material please?
as postprocess effect are particulat materials, it may not work on static mesh, you may have to duplicate your material and change its domain from post process to surface


Firstly, I believe I need to have a post process material because I’m using a SceneCapture2D as my input.

Additionally, the Material’s Blendable Location (I found this under the Post Process Material catagory) is set to “Before Tonemapping”.

It seems as though I have a misconception on how the PostProcess component interacts with other objects.


well i think this is the problem :slight_smile:
postprocess materials are just to modify the final rendering of the image. (adding blurs, or FX on the whole player screen …)
the scene capture2d works with surface domain material, so it should work fine if you switch !

here is an exemple. just a cube with a scene capture applied on it :

It seems that post processes are meant to be global effects, and my material should be applicable to multiple objects at once. I should be able to refactor to use the surface domain then.

yeah you got it. but sometimes for advanced effects, you may need to use both PP and surface materials. (for exemple bluring behind a window)