Adding a Orbit Module to my particle is breaking the ribbon trails, help appreciated :)

Howdy howdy;
I have a particle system.
ParticleEmitterA = A mesh particle emitter
ParticleEmitterC = A ribbon Data particle emitter that has a spawn per unit and a source module set to particle in order to create ribbon trails behind the mesh particles.
Normaly everything works fine.
But if I add an orbit module to ParticleEmitterA then the Ribbons generated by PArticleEmitterC detach from the meshes and no longer follow them with ribbon trails.
The ribbons appear as if they are discounting the offset that the Orbit is adding in.
I would like to use the Orbit module while maintaining the ribbon particles attached to the meshes.
And help is greatly apreacited. :slight_smile:

Here they are attached as should be

Here they are detached after applying the orbit module
2016-12-18 17_51_53-protoTypeB - Unreal Editor.jpg

Heres the system
2016-12-18 17_53_19-protoTypeB - Unreal Editor.jpg