Adding 6-DOF Flying to a Caharcter

Morning Everyone,

I’m looking to build a demo Level based on Superman for my portfolio.

I have created animations,imported and set up and have enabled flying etc so the mannequin takes the ‘Superman’ Posture when flying forwards etc.

My Question however is the Flying settings are really limited to the standard character blueprint and just doesn’t feel the way I want it to (Have modded to work with contoller etc with pitch).
Is it possible to add 6-DOF Flying to the blue print of the main character or is it possible to blueprint hop to and forth??

For example to enable flight you press A (Jump). Once pressed can I give the mannequin a different blue print to give me proper flight controls/physics? then revert back to standard when canceling ‘flight’ mode?

Thanks for your time


Did you tried Flying template?