Adding 2D movement in 4.11

I want to have my character move in four directions, using WASD keys. Sounds simple, correct?

No. Not at all.

There are close to no resources on 2D game with such movement (plenty for a platformer, though!), and even less are made with 4.11 with mind.

My first try ended up with the character moving horizontally, no matter the input. My second try ended up with the character not moving at all, even though everything was set up just like in the video I’ve seen. Outdated, of course.

At this very moment I just kind of gave up. Unreal 4 seems to get no love for 2D whatsoever. It doesn’t even have true 2D, everything is just planes set up in 3D space.

I guess my question is, does anyone have a tutorial, documentation page (again, half of it is outdated as fat as 4.9), a video, screenshot, project, or any idea how should I add a simple, 4-directional movement? Something that sounds as simple as “if [W] is held, move up” and yet is more elusive than creating a raycast-based aim&shoot system?

Paper2D sadly has been neglected due to other priorities.

  • However, there are plenty of things you can do to accomplish what you want, you just need to think about what you need.
  • TopDownPaper2DSetup

What you can do, and what I would recommend, is make it so that you set the actually rotation value accordingly. What I mean is, if stick input is -290 to 10, then you set rotation to 0 degrees. 170-190, set it to 180 degrees, etc, etc. Same with WSAD, arrow keys, whatever. I think it’s just pretty basic enough that no one has really thought about doing up a tutorial. Check out these templates, may be helpful also, maybe not for this project, but for future ones as well. Good luck!

Well, there’s hoping that 2D will be expanded upon in future releases, maybe 4.13? Hopefully with some sort of a 2D mode, I really don’t need 3-dimensional rotators and such in my project…

Regardless, the tutorial I mentioned was precisely the TopDownPaper2DSetup you linked me to. Wasn’t working before, but… Thanks to you linking it again, I spotted a very basic mistake I made. The movement works now, albeit it’s a tad floaty… Will have to do some trial and error to see which value is responsible for that.

Thanks for the answer!

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