Add watermark to Still Renders?

Hey everyone,

Does anyone know if UE has a watermark feature to add with Still Images?

I usually add these manually with photoshop but was thinking about it this morning if UE can add it automatically ?

Don’t know how you’re rendering still images, but if you’re using Movie Render Queue,
you can do this using Widget Blueprints.
Create a Widget Blueprint, called something like WBP_Watermark.


Customize it to your liking (add any text, images extra that should show up as watermark.)

in Movie Render Queue, add UI renderer.

In your Level Sequence, add an Event Track. And add a Trigger keyframe and bind it to a new event.

From that event call Create Widget and select the WBP_Watermark widget.
From the return value of the create widget node, call Add to Viewport.

Result :

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Thank you, that is perfect and exactly what I was looking for. Going to test it out today and will post the feedback

I’m using the Still Render Setup Automation Utility with the Movie Render Queue to do multiple still images in one go

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Thanks again for the quick help. Everything worked out fine, just a few tweaks due to the Still Render Editor widget instead of a standard level Sequence :

I had to do the whole event sequence inside the Level Blueprint because the Still Render Editor doesn’t have a Events section.

So inside the Level Blueprint, I asked UE to create the watermark widget upon EventBeginPlay

So now whenever I go into play mode or render, the watermark I created will appear

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Another update : This doesn’t seem to work when using Path Tracing. Lumen works fine

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