Add vertex color to instanced static meshes

I was going to add a block breaking animation, and ambient shadows, to add that to the shader, i need acess to setting vertex color, but the option to do so does not appear, help?

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Technically, instanced static meshes cannot have a vertex color channel that is different between instances, because then they wouldn’t be instanced static meshes.
You may be able to do something in the shader with the instance index parameter you get, perhaps?
Have a texture or array parameter where you update a texel/array element based on the state you want to change?
Or are you talking simply about the available output parameters in the shader graph? If so, can you show a screen shot of your shader, and what you expect to do?

I am just wondering how i would change a variable in shader based on a variable in blueprint, I was thinking vertex color would be a valid way to do that, but, is there some other way to pull that off? Dynamic material instance? An incredibly large render target?

You would need to use dynamic material instances - this allows you to access a range of parameters (eg scalar, vector etc) within the material instance (if they are present in the parent material).

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Do you happen to remember what you were trying to do?

A render target of the landscape terrain baked down from the level impostor is probably the way to go.
At the very least you can take that to photoshop/whatever and create a file to read colors off of.

At that point the material in the instance can sample the color of the render target based on its own location, and by just having that texture in memory (which you will likely also use for blending?) You are able to do “special” stuff with the specific instance…

What kind of special stuff?
Well think something cool like offsetting or shifting the instance based on a vectorfield value…
Or making only specific instances move with wind…
Or disappearing specific instances via opacity…