Add ParticleSystem Not Working

I am fairly new to UE4, and I am working with the FirstPerson template. I am trying to spawn a particle, specifically the smoke particle, where the projectile hits an object. I removed the code that makes the balls bounce around, so the lasers destroy on contact.

What should happen, is the particles should spawn where the projectile collides, however it doesn’t. Here is a picture of the blueprint:

So would it be Event Hit > Delay > destroy actor > Spawn Emitter or Event Hit > Spawn Emitter > delay > destroy actor?

Disregard, I fixed it. I used this:

You need to use Spawn Emitter at Location instead of Ad Particlesystem i think.

Your “Destroy Actor” is destroying the particle system, as it’s considered part of the actor.

Few ways you can solve this. You are using the “add particle system” node, which is adding a particle component to this blueprint/actor, which is why it’s being destroyed. You can switch to using “spawn emitter at location”

Or, put a delay before the “destroy actor”, make it how long you want the smoke to last / how long until the smoke finishes. Then, before the delay, add a “remove component” (or delete/destroy/erase, forget the exact wording) to remove your projectile and any part of the projectile actor blueprint except the particle you just spawned.