Add normals to a landscape material


I created a tiled landscape with world composition and now i trying to add some normals but when I compile the material all the landscape turn black.

I think that is because I should make it before. Now what can I do?


Could you post a pic of your material setup? :slight_smile:


The normal map isn’t conected

  1. the normal map weights needs the same name as the diffuse ones -> so the rock normal map should also be called “rock” and not “rock_n”
  2. assign the material to your landscape
  3. in the paint tab of your landscape tool you have to click on the little “+”
  4. now you can paint your textures on the landscape (ctrl+left mouse) :slight_smile:

Thank you so much, I didnt think that the layer’s name matters.

That solved my problem thanks a lot :smiley: