Add light to sprites?


I wonder how you add light to sprites, i did buy the 2D art pack on the marketplace.
But the sprites does not get effected by any form of light source.

Is there another technique to add light to a scene when using sprites, like in the screenshots on the marketplace.

Hi Seraium,

I think that screenshot (of the ‘2D Art Pack’) is just using depth fog and bloom to achieve that visual effect, and the sprites themselves are unlit. I think that there should be an example map included in the pack, which is probably where the screenshot was taken from.

However, you can enable lighting on sprites if you want by applying a lit material (the default is an unlit masked material). There is a MaskedLitSpriteMaterial included inside of Paper2D (you’ll have to turn on ‘Show Plugin Content’ in order to see it), or you can make one yourself.

Michael Noland

Thanks for the help :slight_smile: