Add Facial animations on existing animation in Sequencer

Hi everyone,

I am having issues incorporating my facial animations (morphs) in my sequences in UE4. What I’d like to do is to add facial animations to my existing animations that are played in the sequencer. Right now I have is a “talking” animation where the face in animated but the body stays in A-Pose. I can easily use it in the anim blueprint but the thing is in the sequencer, I use meshes with custom animation assets. All my sequences are already created with all the animations and I just want to add the facial animations layer, but right now if I overlap the animations in the sequencer it will also take the whole body A-Pose into the equation and that breaks my body animation.

Is there a way to somehow set the animation as a “facial animation”? Like say that it should only target the head bones without going through an animation blueprint?

Thanks a lot, I’ve been fighting this for a week now

Solved it via “socketed” animation inside the sequencer :slight_smile:

hi, I have the same problem. Can you explain in detail how this was resolved by “socketed” thanks very much!

i think head and body are seperate,and socket the head on to Body Head bone.Then play Body and facial animations seperately in which frame you want.Seperating bosy and head gives flexibility.

You have to rig Head And Body seperaely in DCC,then socket Head on to Body, But i suggest you rig body with Head bones to get Head physics capsules for cloth parts.Then send animations of both head and body seperately.