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I have done this before, but for some reason. I can’t import the or a basic mannequin to the scene as a playable character. The project I made did not include it automatically, but in UE 5 I can’t find where to add it from so I am this character at spawn. I do find the player start part, just not how to actually be and move a character

Hey @BrechtCorbeel!

Give this video a watch, it’ll give you all you need to know about the subject, and then a little more for moving forward! :slight_smile:

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Well this is kind of what I mean the 3rdpersongammode that this tutorial shows is already not in my project and I can’t pick or use it

So you don’t have a character to use in the first place? Is that what I’m gathering?

Can you get some screenshots or anything to help convey the issue? :slight_smile:

Well it is hard to convey through a screenshot I am in 3rd person when I press play, I can find a or the mannequins in the project, but there is no option to add 3rd person mode and I wonder how to add that, I stared from an empty scene. (I am also obviously not a character, but an invisible flying entity)

I gotcha. So you don’t have the third person template pack to work with. I have a few things and options for you then!

So if you want to create a third person character from scratch, here’s the documentation on how to go about that:

If that’s not what you want to do, you can also add the third person character from the ThirdPerson Template by following this thread here:

After finding out about migration and going through too much confusing or half ■■■■■ tutorials and documentation (half ■■■■■ in that it never really got where I wanted it to be) I created a new project and migrated the 3rd person folder. and set the corret game mode values in World Settings.

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