How Do I Make My Project 3rd-Person Without Starting Over?

I’ve been working on my project since early February and I started with a blank slate, although I have no idea how to then start off from a third-person view with everything still there. Importing the 3rd-person folder from the projects doesn’t seem to do anything except make a separate project.

You can add third person feature set to your project in Content Browser. Just press green button “Add new”, choose “Add feature pack” and then choose whatever you want :slight_smile:

That’s what I did except it seemed to make a separate project out of it. The 3rd-person feature set doesn’t seem to be a part of my actual project, so I couldn’t actually start using the 3rd-person blueprints/code/materials.

Actually it’s adding all blueprint into your project, just in separate folder to keep things clean!
To start use it immediately just set 3rd-person gamemode as active in your level. Basically you need to open your level and then go to Blueprints -> Select GameModeClass(3rd-Person GameMode)

Thanks for the help, zeOrb :slight_smile: