Add boundary to Add Post Process Component

Hi, I’m kind of new in this so I need some help with this. I have a blueprint that says when character overlaps a box collision component - create a post process component. Now by default the “add post process component” node is set to unbound and ofc I disabled that but now I don’t know how to set the actual bounds of this component since it’s just a node and I can’t see it in the viewport. Any help would be much appreciated!

If this is gonna help - I’m going to explain why I need this. Basically I have a blueprint that contains a whole room and a door. I “told” that doors bounds to highlight whenever I go into a box collision thats also a part of this BP. So far so good. For some reason when I create a post process component even when I disable the “unbound” function I still cant see the bounds of the PP Component and it remains unbound so I decided to do it with an “Add Post Process Component” node instead. So far so good - everything works fine - when I go into the box collision the door is highlighted and when I leave the bounds - it’s not. The problem is that since the highlight function uses the “Render Custom Depth” whenever I go into the Box collision not only the door highlights but also every other object in the room that has the “Render Custom Depth” option enabled since the “Add Post Process Component” node is unbound and I dont know how to set bounds. So that is why I need this.

Hope someone can help, Thanks in advance!!

P.S: I doubt this would help but I added a screenshot of the important (in this case) part of the BP just in case.

If you click on “Add XYZ component” you get a details panel. This panel is exactly the same as you’d get if you click on an actor in your level. So you can’t move and shape it in 3D space. But you can enter the data in there and it’ll create the component with this data.

In case you need the 3D thing to determine what size you need, just add a box collision actor in your level, shape it however you want and copy the results into the “Add XYZ component”.


I can’t find any “Add XYZ component”. Can you tell me where to find it. (It doesn’t show up neither with nor without the context sensitive checked

XYZ is a placeholder. A variable if you will. Representing all components + custom ones.

ok, but where can I find it? Or how do I create it?

I just used that phrase because this is true for all components.

In your case that is the “Add Post Process Component”. You already have it in your setup. All you need to do is click on it and modify the values to your hearts desire.

Ohh… Sorry, I couldn’t understand you… Either way, I already tried this and t doesn’t work :frowning: When I get into the trigger box all “custom depth” objects are highlighted no matter if they are a part of this BP or not. So any other ideas?

Oh… yeah. Post process doesn’t work like that.

You either use post process or you don’t. You can’t specifically pick out elements that get post process applied to them or not. Well. You can. With custom depth. But besides that you can’t.

Post process is applied per pixel after the 3D environment has already been transformed into a 2D picture.

The volume is only for the camera. When your camera is within this volume, post process will be applied. Otherwise it won’t.

You could do some work on the material itself by using pixel / scene depth but that’s a completely different topic and requires quite some knowledge about materials.

So what you’re saying is that basically I did it all wrong and I should have one Post Process Volume on the map and choose to toggle the custom depth function of the element instead

That would be the easiest solution. Yes.

It was just a misunderstanding on your end as to how post process works.

And I didn’t carefully enough read your initial post (shame on me! Sorry for that).

Can you tell me how to use the “set render custom depth” node then? I just want to toggle this function when I enter and exit the box collision. It shouldn’t be that hard right?

No worries, Thank you very much !!!

It isn’t really.

You have that node “Set Render Custom Depth” which applies to a component. So if you have an actor you would have to run “Set Render Custom Depth” for each component that should be highlighted (each static mesh, skeletal mesh or whatever else you wanna include).

This has to happen at the actor that should be highlighted of course.

Does that help at all?

OK, so I found the solution and in case anyone else ever gets in the same position - here is the answer. So I removed the nodes “add post process component”, “destroy component” and the delay and after the “enable input” I placed a “set render custom depth” referenced to the component (the door in my case) and I added a boolean that tells the “custom depth render” function to turn on when I get into the box collision. After that I did the same on the “Disable input” node but this time I added a boolean that tells the “Custom depth render” function to turn off when I leave the box collision. That is it. Here’s a screenshot of what I did. There may be an easier way to do this, I don’t know, this is what I came up with.

Yes it does!! I managed to do it before you answered but that is exactly what I did so thank you, you’ve been very helpful!