Add Alpha channel to diffuse texture???

So gametextures emailed me because I was having trouble using one of their materials but I still cant figure out how to do this, Im about ready to tear my hair out in frustration, I tried doing it the way he said and it ended up like the image below and it doesnt work. What am I doing wrong

If you are using Unity, simply adding the _t file to the alpha channel will do the trick. If using Unreal however, you’ll need

  1. To set the Material Blend Mode to Masked
  2. Plug the _t map into the Masked Opacity channel of the material.

I hope this helps! Please don’t hesitate to contact us again if you need more help.

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On the left, where it says Translucent you need to change to Masked, Translucent is for when you need multiple levels of opacity which is what the Opacity slot is for. Masked is black and white either fully visible or not, it has the advantage of having better performance and fixes some issues with layering.
Once you’ve switched it to Masked then you would plug your alpha map into the Opacity Mask slot
If your diffuse map has an alpha channel already in it, then you can use it from the last output on your texture node the one after the Blue channel output.

The alpha map is very dark, too. If the masking cuts off at 50% gray, it may assume that all of the alpha map is dark/clipped.

I dont have an alpha map, here are the maps I do have
and here is what I have so fa



I tried switching to masked mode and there is no Opacity Masked section in the materials list



Have you tried testing it with a decal actor yet?

This is all you need to set up if you want a masked deferred decal. You can just ignore the preview window, just apply the material to the decal actor and you’ll see that it’s working.


try using chroma key: Chroma Key Material? - Unreal Engine Forums