Add additional material pass to everything rendered

I would like to be able to have an additional material rendered over everything visible on the scene. I know I can achieve this effect with Material Parameter Collection asset, but then it would be necessary to add this pass to EVERY material that could possibly be rendered within the scene.

What I am trying to achieve is have a ‘grid’ overlay every polygon in the scene (like for a scanner grenade that emits a ‘ping’), it would use the UV coordinates of the original mesh, and just overlay itself on top of whatever the existing material output is, with a blend value calculated in some interesting way (in this particular case, it would be WorldspacePosition - some center point, to have the effect limited to a sphere, with a smooth falloff).

I don’t think this is possible to do using a post process, because I require access to the UV coordinates of the original pass, which are not kept in the deferred buffers.