adb shell commands

I’m new to Gear VR development and already I’ve found attaching and un-attaching my S6 to the headset a pain in the ***. I found a nice tutorial for deploying and running apps using the command prompt here ->

I’ve had no problems deploying over wifi and opening my app. The problem I’m having now is, how do I close it? Seems simple but my limited knowledge of using shell commands isn’t helping. I’d like to close the app and return to the gearvr menu.

An update on this. I found a tutorial for implementing the GearVR menu here
This kind of works but there seems to be some stuttering when I return to the Oculus home.

I also did some more digging and found a nice forum post on what I was looking for. Just had to change my wording in the google search.

This seems to be what I’m looking for to just flat out kill the process from console. There’s also some other good information there if anybody needs it.

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