Adaptive Wind-Over-Ear Audio Blueprint

Hey everyone, I’m here to explain a bit about my submission up for vote on Trello right now

This is a passion project of mine, and something that’s kept me up more than a few nights trying to get right. Now I have something I’m proud of!

I’ve created a blueprint you can easily drag into your level and get working right away. It’s basically an audio blueprint that simulates the natural sound of wind traveling over the player’s ears.

It’s adaptive to the player’s head rotation - relative to whatever direction you decide the wind to originate from. Completely binaural, it takes into account what your ears do to the sound of the wind as you turn your head. Here are a couple of case videos to better explain the possible uses:

Here you can see that not only can it be used to simulate natural wind, but it can also be set to play as the player moves forward, in cases like hang gliding or sky diving.

Here’s a video on the user options available in the blueprint:

Thanks for checking it out and voting!



Been waiting for you to get this ready for submission =p

Thanks SaviorNT and Xerithas!

It’s really rewarding to see that people think it could be useful and I’m humbled at the amazing response on Trello!

It might not be super flashy with explosions and cats, but it is something that will add extra immersion and will be very re-usable.

I might even learn something from it too =]

One quick thing, can we substitute the audio file to other “things”? I assume the BP would be able to do this, but you know what they say about assuming things :slight_smile:

The blueprint is tailored to wind. Right now it uses three different versions of wind audio, each with different EQ applied (normal, slight low pass filter, and stronger low pass) It’s binaural, but it’s specifically made for wind. As you turn your head 90 degrees, the ear facing the source has a different sound that plays than if you’re looking into the wind. I hope that makes some sense. It uses volume shifts between several stereo audio files.

I could be wrong, but is this only best for 1st person type games?

Yes, it’s designed for first person and VR

It’s amazing to see with what kind of ideas people come up, really cool! Would fit perfectly in my project!


Definitely looks interesting. Is it for stereo only, since it states binaural, or would it work with multichannel?

This is rad. Good work.

Thanks everyone!

This particular blueprint will only work in a stereo setup, like headphones. The idea is to stimulate the effect your ears have on wind, so limiting to stereo is the only way to do that effectively.

To anyone interested in this blueprint, I’d like to know what you would think would be a fair price if you saw this in the marketplace.

Even though I believe binaural wind simulation like this should be included in any Virtual Reality or first person game prioritizing immersion, I understand this blueprint will most likely be seen as an extra feature.

I have my ideas on what I would pay for something like this, but then again I may be a tad biased…

Thanks for any input!

Awesome sauce … voted.

I think you should propose a number that you think your work is worth and then see what the feedback is. Ultimately you must be happy with the price you choose and take it from there.

I agree with that!

No matter what price you pick if it’s above the minimum you’re getting to get people saying “lol not worth it”. Better to ignore 'em.

Thanks guys.

I’m leaning towards a $14.99 price point for it, should it pass trello voting. It’s a tough thing to get implemented correctly, and the extra features and ease of integration add value, but at the same time it needs to be priced at a point that isn’t a huge gamble for the customer.

I’d love to know thoughts.

Just a quick question- does your effect also factor in the players speed when passing through the medium? I made the air rushing effect for my own project but mine is very simple and purely based on speed of the player. Yours seems to be more environmental wind oriented- very cool!

If your solution has the wind effect AND also has an effect based on the speed of the player I think that would be a more complete solution. Because even if you’re travelling fast through a ‘wind blocked’ area you should still have air rushing past your ears if you’re going at a high enough speed.

Indeed it does have a player velocity based wind option, as shown in the hang gliding video in the first post. There is a bool to select for the blueprint instance that changes its wind source from environment based to player based. There is also a multiplier slider to change the intensity of the wind as the player’s forward velocity changes.

If you want both options in one level, I would just put two (or more) of these blueprints in the level, where one has the player based wind selected. Set yourself a good multiplier for the wind intensity based on player speed, and you’re good to go!