Adaptive pixel density no longer working?

Does anyone know what’s happened with the adaptive pixel density command in 4.20? When I use the “vr.oculus.PixelDensity.adaptive on” command in the console it says it’s unrecognized.

Has the feature been deprecated or is there a new command for it? I can’t seem to find any information about it.

So I found out that the adaptive pixel density feature has been replaced with the new dynamic resolution system from Epic (r.DynamicRes.OperationMode). However, this only works with Temporal antialiasing and TAAU enabled. In theory that is, as I have yet to manage to get the new system working. Currently, when I enable it both left and right eye displays become disconnected from each other (one up to the right and the other down to the left), and the views become zoomed in. Also, headtracking stops working.

Epic’s dynamic resolution isn’t supported with stereo rendering for now.

The documentation mentions Oculus VR under the “Supported platforms” section. Are you saying they may have jumped the gun there?