Actors spawned on runtime don't show up on Statistic Window


I am looking at the triangle count of objects in my scene. A big part of my game is that I spawn a bunch of models on runtime when the level is launched. The issue with this is that the newly created items are not showing up on the Statistic window unless I select “Selected Object”, which then does show the stats for the item that was spawned on run time if I select it in Play In Editor Mode.

For example, my game spawns a target actor, which has 3 model components. One of them named SM_TargetNoteStand. You can see on the list, after refreshing, that the model is not listend after SM_SpotLightModel and SM_warehouseFl…

I would like to be able to play in editor and see the full stats of the items in my level, so I know what I can improve upon.