Actors inside TArray

Hello, is there a way to store actors inside TArray, but without keeping them in the world?

I’m using an inventory system, where I can store very huge amount of items. The problem is that I have to move from one level to another. So I cannot keep items in world at any case.

Actors are part of the world. If you want them to persist, make them UObject derived instead. Or store the names of the items in your GameInstance and spawn them again once the new level is loaded. Lots of variations you can do if you save the data and then read it again once your new level is loaded.

Thank you, I will try to use UObject to store item data of my item Actor.

I have a problem now. How can I set AActor before spawning it? I keep information about mesh and other stuff inside UObject and I would like to send this settings to AActor before I spawn it.