Actor variable replication for players joining after the event


I’m having an issue with replication for AFTER a game has started, and things have changed. If I have 2 players in multiplayer in the game at the same time, and they run over my ammo pickup - they both see the ammo crate disappear and re-appear after my timer event triggers. If I start with 1 player and pickup ammo, and join with player 2 - they do not see the changes reflected. I’m using RepNotify as per the networking tutorial done by Epic, but it does not seem to trigger when a player joins.

Basically the flow is this: Ammo pickup is overlapped by client > send to server and add ammo as needed > if no ammo remaining hide the ammo pickup actor and make it have no collision (done on rep notify for the variable AmmoSpawned) > After set amount of time change the AmmoSpawned to true again which makes it visible and collision enabled again.

Any help is greatly appreciated.