Actor turbulence (dynamic vector fields)

After dozens of google-searches, I am giving up and can only conclude that there is a functionality of Apex Turbulence missing from UE4.

That is the one where particles swirl around, reacting to the changes in pressure as objects (e.g. pawns) move through space.

Am I wrong? Is there a way to get this in UE4?

If not, I might consider trying to program dynamic vector fields and have a global one follow the player around. The only problem is that I don’t know how I would go about creating- “by hand”- the file format that UE4 accepts as vector fields.

EDIT: Stumbled upon this great post which should be all the information I need to author my own vector fields, now to figure out how to do it on the fly and move it with my player…

Keep us updated if you come up with animated fields. Right now, in Cascade we support static vector fields. You can attach static local vector fields to a character, and have static global vector fields influence your GPU particles as well.

Try mixing Local and Global vectors in a test map and attach FX to skelmesh with sockets and animate the mesh moving around a level using Matinee to see results quickly.