Actor reference from child actor component

Hey folks,

Is it possible to get an actor(object) reference from a child actor component?

i.e can I get an instance of a child actor to allow for me to call functions on it? I can’t seem to find a way to get the instance of the child actor from the child actor component variable.


Problem solved.

With the parent blueprint, get the child variable, get the child actor from the child variable, then cast to the desired class.

Yeah. It is a bit of a contortionist act, currently. Hopefully they will correct that soon. If you are only picking through a very select few, you can also use tags to specify which of the child actors of a given type you want.

Just started running to this. What a hassle. Ugh.

To me this is worded a bit strangely, so for anyone else who didn’t get it at first read: Drop a reference to the Child Actor Component into your graph, then drag off from that and “get child actor”. That gives you an actor reference that you can use as-is or cast to something more specific. It’s as easy as it possibly can be.



this is my usage.

yes it looks weird. looks like onion lol.
but problem solved! thx a lot!!!

Thanks for this I have been banging my head against a wall and making loads of round about ways to get the actor references, this makes my life lots easier :smiley:

Hi is there a way to do this the other way around? So from child actor I want to access variables from parent actor.

This works for me even I have two of the same child. No need to get reference from the children in your parent BP.

Thanks, Just ran in to this. And you were correct about the wording.
This is the solution