actor reference at widget blueprint

I created a blueprint for discoverable locations, a widget blueprint being the visual representation of the discoverable location and a widget blueprint containing several of the mentioned widget blueprints for showing a ‘map’ of the discoverable locations.

The visibility of the visual representation is binded to the isDiscovered property of the location. Everything works fine as long as I search for the actor (the discoverable location blueprint in the level) by name.

I’d like my designers to have the opportunity to directly link a discoverable location at the widget blueprint of the location. So they don’t have to look up any name of the locations and to avoid bug if a location will be renamed. Is there really no way I can get an actor reference at a widget blueprint?

Please feel free to ask any questions if you don’t understand what I’m trying to achieve or say.

Have you tried using Get All Actors of Class or Get All Actors with Interface(which requires you to use BP Interface) functions and then casting to your actor BP’s?

I’d like the discoverable location widget blueprint to store a single reference to one instance of a location.
So bascially like a string or boolean variable.