Actor placement features

Where I work, we have to use Maya as our level editor. For all the pain this causes, there’s a functionality that makes me go “arrrgh” whenever I come back to Unreal: snapping objects to stuff.

Being able to snap objects to vertices, edges, faces or the grid via a mouse-based shortcut regardless of the object’s location (alt+middle click in Maya’s case) makes level authoring so ridiculously faster that not being able to do so feels like going back to the stone age.

The various snap/align to floor functions that are already present are super useful, but they require that the actor is roughly in the right place.

Having a “teleport actor to” function would be really really nice.


Hi Cedric,

Which version of Maya are you using that you see this Alt-Middle-click feature?
On 2013 I am not seeing the behavior you are describing.

Thanks for any clarification.

Oops, that’s because it was the wrong shortcut, sorry :slight_smile:
It’s V+middle click to snap to vertex
C+middle click to snap to edge
X+middle click to snap to grid.

Works on Maya 2009 to 2013.

That makes more sense. Thanks for the update.

This request has been made before, so we already have it on record and under consideration. I have updated our report with your feedback.


Rama made a UE4 plugin that works pretty well;