Actor placed in level not replicating propertyes


I have created a BluePrint Actor with a simple float variable. I’m not spawning the actor just drag and drop it in the level. Now testing the game with dedicated server seems to not replicate the value of the property changed in server to the clients.

I have set the variable as described in the tutorials, i.e

Replication = Rerplicated
AlwaysReplicate = true

I really don’t know if I’m missing something or if there is a problem in replicating actors placed in the level.

In your Class Default settings set your Actor’s Replication / Replicates variable to true.

And set your Variable Replicated or RepNotify

Replicated values can only set on the Server.
If you would like to set a variable from the client you have to call a RPC on the Server that sets the variable for you.