Actor painted Vertex Color not packaged or in standalone

Hey ho,


  1. Create new project
  2. Create new actor and place a static mesh in it
  3. Place the actor in the world
  4. Paint vertex colors onto the actor-mesh (which is located inside the actor)
  5. Run Standalone mode or package game and run
    -> painted vertex color are gone (colors should be plain white)

This does not happen and works fine if you place static meshes directly into the world and vertex paint on them.

seems like a bug since < 4.10 but never fixed… but cant imagine this is still the case. I think i miss something. Anyone any ideas?

EDIT: Bug in 4.21 and also present in 4.25
Here you see a bug someone already created but was set to “Won’t Fix”: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-28203)
In my experience it is very common to generate in-world content using blueprints an due to material-panting Vertex Colors with Blueprint-meshes are very
common as well… So i wonder why nobody cares about this issue …

Best =)

No one having this issue or know a solution? So how are you doing vertex color based material blending on generated meshes?

EDIT: Found this:

The issue seems to be known and becomes all the time backlogged when it comes up. Extremely disappointing.

I have the same issue, which is quite bad, after I’ve worked a lot to paint a ton of vertices. Any workarounds that get this working with BPs?

At the moment I manually place the meshes, merge them and after that paint them. And I don’t think that flow will change any time soon.

Same issue. This is a huge problem for my 4 year project.
Would love to know an ETA on a fix or a workaround?

I am painting vertex weights on a decal in a BP and it just vanishes in standalone. Disastrous…Wish I knew earlier