Actor movement replication interfering with velocity

My end goal is to have a server and client character who can see each other’s movements and move at the same velocity.
Currently I have a 2D character with a character movement component. There are a combination of four problems that occur based on how I try to replicate my movement.

  1. Replication of Movement in the Actor and in the Movement Component: Both players can see one another’s movement, but the client has a lower velocity when moving and the server’s character lags when viewed from the client.
  2. Replication of Movement Component only: All players have the proper speed/velocity, but the server does not see the client’s movement and the client can’t see the server’s animation (but can see the server’s movement)
  3. No Replication in Actor or Movement Component: See No. 2
  4. Replication of Movement in the Actor, but not in the Movement Component: See No.1

I am not sure what is happening, particularly why the replication of movement in the actor is causing the client to move slower. It does not seem like that daunting of a problem to have a server and client see each other move and move at the same rate. (Lag is understandable, it is the changing of velocity and disregard for a server to view a client that confuses me.)