Actor Merge does not groups elements of the same material

Hi, I have tried to reduce the draw calls in my scene by merging the modular assets into one mesh, I was sure that Merging actors use to group elements by material to avoid having duplicates of the same material, but it is not works like that, could someone from Epic can verify that?

If it is by design, may I ask what the point, logically it should merge the same materials into one to reduce draw calls

What’s the problem?
Simply assign the same Material SLOT to both section.
If you do this, you can remove the unnecessary Material Slot.

I find it better this way, since I am able to exchange materials afterwards

Now it`s clear, thx for the help!

I had this same issue, and it was dozens of meshes so assigning the same material slot would’ve meant an unnecessary waste of time so I resolved to exporting to fbx and reimporting

also if a mesh has different sections, even if they have the same material, doesn’t that mean separate drawcalls?