Actor Component replication vs Indivisual actor replication

Hello every one…

I wanted to know which of the following is more efficient replication wise.

According to the component replication page

I know 4 bytes is kind of negligible though. But I want to know if replicating 2 separate actors is more efficient or 1 actor and 1 component.

Judging by what you’ve posted is probably more efficient for networking (if you can call 5 bytes an optimization), but the question is does it make other tasks more difficult? If you need to communicate between them both you’ll make it more difficult.

I have an Actor Component in my game that almost all objects in the world use for replication, I’ve not noticed any significant efficiency issues with replication! Properties generally cost very little to replicate as Unreal handles it for you, but RPC’s and function calls cost considerably more. Worth remembering if you have to add loads of functionality to get the actors to talk to each other.

Are those 5 bytes added to each property and function being replicated? Like if I have an int32 = 4 bytes.

To replicate it, are 4+5 = 9 bytes being spent?

Instead I have a pointer to an actor B in my actor A and I use Actor B like a component of A. Which one will be more efficient?


Any one still knows which is more efficient for replication.