Active Stereo Side by Side

I’m trying to render an active stereo rendering side by side projected into a wall. I’m planning to use a VRPN with a Kinect to track the head. So i will need to have different FOV for each eye… Is that possible just implementing IStereoRendering?

Just for now I’m trying first to do it with Passive Rendering Side by Side so I’m taking as an example the FFakeStereoDevice. The problem comes with my knowledge of the Unreal Engine Architecture. As a temporal solution I am modifing directly the FFakeStereoDevice class in UnrealEngine.cpp but I think that the changes I made aren’t takin effect (and everytime I build de UE4 Engine I get random errors from the includes) so I want it to implement in a module… but i don’t know how to do it. Any example to implement a module with a class like this?

And finally (I think :p) to test without the flag -emulatestereo (i put it on the playing menú standalone game command) I think I must write GEngine->StereoRenderingDevice in the module inicialization.