Activating NVIDIA ShadowPlay When Player Starts Game?

I want to activate Nvidia Shadowplay when the player starts a level and stop when the player dies or quits the game. Is there a method of doing this easily? I’ve mapped Shadowplay to start recording when I hit the ‘/’ key and I’m thinking that I could enter some key input in the game mode class, but don’t know the method to enter specific keys. Any ideas?

I don’t think it’s possible to send keyboard events to other programs from UE4.

Simple solution would be to manually start recording yourself and use some fast and easy program like Handbrake to cut away the unneeded seconds.

You wouldn’t use such a feature outside the development version anyways.

Yeah, I’ve searched throughout the forums and places and there doesn’t seem to be much documentation other than a reference to a C++ class that can open an external program. I need to implement it for a Game event I’m demoing my game at and would like to record each player’s session with the game but not have to interrupt them press a command to start ShadowPlay and record it manually.