Activating Matinee trough a widget

I’m trying to get it that when i click the play button (3d widget) that my camera plays an anim from mantinee, i do know how to do it with a box trigger and the level blueprint but not with a widget.


You can do this with Event Dispatcher.

Add OnClicked event for button. Create Event Dispatcher. Drag and drop Event Dispatcher and choose in list Call. Compile and Save widget.


Open Level Blueprint. And add Custom Event (in my example PlayMatinee and StopMatinee). And add Bind Event to dispatcher. And link dispatcher to custon event.

This is result:


THANK YOU SOO MUCH, a lot of people give a very vague answer thanks for the good explanation

How did you get the “Create NewWidgetBlueprint_C Widget” node into your level blueprint/ event graph?

and more importantly, how do you do this using an in game widget, like a button on a wall ?