Activating Level Blueprint from Object Blueprint

I am working on a VR museum-style system. You have a room with a few items, pick up the items, and it plays a sound file.
I also have a narration track in the background set for specific areas. It starts and stops when you enter or leave the trigger.
What I would like is that when you pick up the item, it also stops the narration track.
I heard I need to use an event dispatcher, but I am unsure how I am meant to set this up. Should the dispatcher be on the level or the object end?
Essentially what should go after the OnGrab event at the object, and what should go before the stop function in the level blueprint.
Or if it not that simple?
Thank you in advance



To use dispatchers, the level BP has to bind to an actor. It can’t do this is one of many actors can call the dispatch.

It would be better to make a parent item class, which has a collision volume, and audio. When the item is picked up, it stops playing the audio.

Just thinking about it a bit more. You could do this with an intermediate actor.

The level BP can bind to that actor, and each of the pickups can ask that actor to send the ‘stop audio’ message to the level BP.