Activating DX12 with UE4.22

Even when turned ON in teh project settings, sometimes DX12 does not get activated in UE 4.22.
I remember there was a way where you would edit a file to force UE to use DX12, any ideas how to achieve that?

Why do you want use 4.22? Why not using 4.25 (soon 4.26)?

the project was made to 4.22, and updating might take some resources that we don’t have.

Do you use c++? If not, there is literally no reason you should not be able to just open 4.25 and simply open your project.

Agree with the already mentioned comments that you should just update to 4.25. However if memory serves the D3D12 implementation was at least ‘good enough’ in 4.22, so you should be able to force it to D3D12 by launching the editor (or game) with -d3d12 appended to the command line.