Activate Decal Texture to glow...

I have a simple task, or so I thought. I have a decal texture that I want to glow through emissive. I want the glow to start when a player enters a trigger volume. I tried a few ways and the last way is in the image. Any help on this would be great. I figure using a dynamic material would be the way to go. Any help would be great!


Hello walkinginspace,

You should take a look at Material Parameter Collections in the documentation: Material Parameter Collections | Unreal Engine Documentation. Through the use of this page, you’ll be able to create a parameter collection, which in your case would only include your emissive strength parameter. The blueprint shown in the tutorial will need to be modified a bit. I was able to get my material to glow by using an OnActorBeginOverlap on a nearby box trigger and then using a set scalar parameter node to set the emissive strength parameter to 100. Then OnActorEndOverlap, I set the scalar parameter value back to 0 to stop it from glowing when the player exits the trigger. I hope that this information is helpful!

Have a great day,

Sean Flint


I think this may look like this:


Thanks man! I’ll give this a go tonight!!!

In the Level blueprint, i see the decal has a variable dragged off of it, where does that come from? So, this stuff is new to me.

Thanks guys! Can’t wait to get home and try those suggestions out!

THANKS, worked like a charm. Huge help! Thanks so MUCH!

so…this works great…but one problem. What if I need a bunch of instances of that decal? Right now, this will work for one, do i need to create a dynamic instance for ALL the copies? That’ll get messy I would imagine…am I missing something? Also I can only have one of the On Begin Play events as well…

Create Actor bluerpint. Add Scene component for Root. Add Decal and Box Collision components.


Cool, I worked it out with the Material Parameter collections. Was pretty straightforward. Thanks for that example though, looks good too. I appreciate the help!