Achieving Realistic Len Flares on Light Bulbs

So i have been messing around with lenflares. Trying to create a working setup.

Looks good from the front view

But from the side, the horror.
it rotates out of place.

here is how it should look

but when i go to the side view such as how players would do. the particle rotates but doesn’t rotate correctly.
is there a trick to rotate a particle based on the camera looking position and a actors circumference.
so the illusion of the lens flare is not disrupted.

I know there are alot of location based properties in cascade. i can probably try to hook one of those properties with a material.
Yes i did check out the screen alignment properties and none of them looked good. what i theorize is to disable the rotation (or set it to specific type) which would allow me to hook up my material to emitter rotation (how?).

But is there a non hack way to do this in cascade or outside of cascade.
secondly if anyone has done this, can you share a road map so i don’t spend the entire week trying to hack this thing.

thanks alot.

From what it sounds like, you want to achieve bloom not lens flare right?

If you have a post process volume in there, have a look at the bloom settings and crank them up to the desired effect

Alternatively if that’s an emissive material you have on your lights then increase the brightness value.

jj abram lens flare not bloom

The colored hexagons are lens flares, the white corona around the light is bloom. What you do in your first pic is neither, or you try to combine them into one effect, that doesn’t work out.

i think what he wants is called anamorphic lens flare. the fantastic bill kladis made a tutorial for that for udk.

yeah thats it. i thought saying just jj abram would give it away. looks like not everyone has watched star wars or knows who the director was and the whole anamorphic lens flare fiasco.

thanks alot!