achieve editor reflection results on mobile?

Hey guys!

Just wondering what we get in terms of the reflection environment on mobile devices?

For example, reflections in a standalone window and in mobile preview (respectively) look completely different:

Screen Space Reflections don’t seem to exist and the whole general quality is diminished. Is there any way I can achieve similar results on mobile that I can in the editor?

I have no idea either, I just posted a question as well. I need to make a car, and mobile looks like crap compared to the default mode 5

The reflection in the first picture is SSR (screen-space) - this does not work on mobile by default (or maybe not at all, but not sure about that).

Place reflection captures and build the reflections, play around with them until you get satisfactory results. But take note it will never look as good. It’s a mobile device- tough luck.

Also, turn on “high quality reflections” in your material’s options.