Accurately replicating FOV and Focal Length of VR camera in Maya

Hey guys,

I’m creating a VR experience in the engine, but doing all the motion graphics/art in maya, the important part is that I’m animating a plane in maya which the VR character then attaches to (only position data they still have freedom to look around of course).

Doing character movement this way has a number of benefits for me, since it’s much easier to create smooth motion and know exactly where my user will be within my experience.

I’ve attached a camera to the “movement plane” in maya and placed it at roughly the exact height that the VR camera will be in unreal engine when a user is in the experience, it allows me to get a previz of what they are going to see.

However I can’t seem to match the focal length & FOV of my Maya Camera to My Ue4 Camera, how would I go about doing this?

Using Oculus Rift // Maya 2018 // Ue4.19