Accurate Replication

Hi. How to solve this properly:

There is a ball which tries to follow another ball through replication from server. Server manages to keep it strictly at the proper location, but clients got massive warps.



Thx for the help.

The server will have every position.
The clients will only have some of these positions and will need to interpolate between them to get smooth movement.
Is there any kind of interpolation happening for the ball once it replicates?

If you are testing the response of your game with the client as a secondary window, Windows will not set your client window as priority and you may find some replication delays. I had this issue when I was testing a Mesh inside another main mesh, to follow correctly, and noticed that when I put the client window as secondary (alt + tab to the server window), I saw the Mesh stop following correctly inside the main mesh, leaving a warp as you described.

Try watching your client’s movement by the Server window with the Client Window as your main window.

One important notice needs to be said, there is overlapping detection. When the ball gets contact with the another ball, only then following will happen. If there is no overlapping, which happens during the warping, following stops and ball is dropped. So far interpolation doesnt work with current system, so maybe i need to think this mechanics again.