Accidentaly deleted my scene's Sky Sphere

The title is pretty self explanatory, I’ve went over several other forums regarding this issue and wasn’t able to get it back into my scene, any advice?

You can find the BP_Sky_Sphere under EngineContent->EngineSky

Alternatively, if you search for Sky in the Place Actors Panel, you will find it there too.


You will have to reset the properties though.

These are the properties set in a default new project:

  • Directional Light Actor : (if you create a fresh project this is a Directional Light called “Light Source”)
  • Sun Brightness: 75
  • Cloud Speed: 2
  • Cloud Opacity: 1
  • Sun Height: 0,348239

I’ve already tried but with no luck


Have you tried this?


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It happened for me and I just created a new actor with the exact name of the sky sphere original actor , opened another ue4 project , copied all the variables & functions and pasted it into the new actor and it worked for me

Really, thank you guys. You saved me about 50 hours of work🙏