Accessing WebRTC Stream Via "Stream Media Source"

Hi there!
I am attempting to use a WebRTC stream as a texture map in UE 4.26.2. The workflow is fine using another streaming source (such as the example from the docs or a laptop camera as a URL). However, we can’t seem to find the proper web protocol / syntax to receive a WebRTC stream via a “Stream Media Source” object.

So far any attempt has resulted in an error, either an unrecognized web protocol (wss://) or an unrecognized streaming format. Does anyone have any experience / advice re: accessing a WebRTC stream for use as a texture map in UE? Perhaps some way to convert WebRTC to “rtsp://” or some such?

Thanks in advance!

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Did you solve this I have the same problem?

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I have the same probolem

I also am looking for a solution for this